tamara kostianovsky

“The slaughterhouse that is created from this body of work is a metaphor for violation and murder. My intent is to confront the viewers with the real and grotesque nature of violence, offering a context for reflecting about the vulnerability of our physical existences.

At a distance, the works appear to be methodically dissected carcasses. Coming closer, they reveal being made out of discarded clothes. These materials connect our bodies with those represented in the work and disclose a political statement anchored in poverty.

In my home country, cows and meat are symbolic of national pride and collective identity. My work unmasks these ideals to show a sense of cruelty that has seeded the country from its early history and appears to be universal.”

Tamara Kostianovsky's solo show featuring 12 meat works opens April 17, 2008 at the Black and White Gallery in Chelsea, New York City.